Do you remember when you first learned how to swim? Do you remember your first pet? Do you remember your first…[fill in the blank]? We could go on for days and chances are, so could you. There is just something about the word “first” that instantly makes a moment unforgettable. It might be a good unforgettable or something you’d rather forget, but in either case, memories are important. Why? Because they let us relive all the moments that matter to us… especially the ones that are amazing, hilarious, sweet, and special. So, this week, we have a pretty simple challenge, we want you to MAKE A MEMORY. Wow, so many options and choices to make. Where will you go? What will you do? Who will join you? When will you go? But isn’t this the fun of it? How creative can you get this week? We are dying to know. So how about this? Whatever you do, we would love for you to post a few photos using the hash tag: #YOUMATTERMEMORY. But, we say this with a small caveat… please don’t spend too much time taking photos and staring at your phones. The focus should be on the experience itself and the people you are with. After all, there is nothing too memorable about people staring at their phones. So go enjoy the adventure and make a memory. Making memories matters.

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