It is really easy for us to think about what it is we want for ourselves. Maybe it is a getting that new promotion or catching the eye of someone special. But how often do we want things for other people? Even if we don’t know exactly what they want, do we always hope that all of their wishes and dreams come true? Well, we should. Why? Because we are all equally deserving of whatever makes our heart sing, as long as it’s not at the cost of someone else’s happiness. This might make us have to embrace the idea that there is plenty to go around and that the world is plenty big enough for all of our beliefs… and that life is not a zero-sum game. But that’s not a bad thing embrace, right? So, this week, let’s SEEK EQUALITY. Can we agree, that there are some non-negotiables that every human being deserves, such as food, shelter, love, health, safety, freedom, education and acceptance? Well, millions of people do not have access to food, yet nearly one-third of human food produced each year gets wasted. Many cannot worship freely or escape oppression or go to school, even though they wish differently. Let’s do our part to be the great “equalizers” by making sure everyone has an equal access to the basics. This is a “we matter” thing. A global thing. Seeking equality matters.

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