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Every Monday Matters (EMM) creates and delivers programs that inspire people to understand how much they matter and empower them to get involved and make a difference… one Monday, one action at a time.


We believe it is within all of us to create a world where goodness is cool, authentic is real, what matters most actually matters, friends are more important than fans, honesty is a universal truth, being accountable is embraced, doing the right thing is the only thing, and Monday is seen as the best day of the week and “the” day that sets the tone for the remaining six days. Ultimately we envision a world where all people understand how much and why they matter. And, we offer the platform, programs, content, and connection people and organizations need to make this vision a reality… the rest is up to you to join in.


EMM started as a book, Every Monday Matters – 52 Ways to Make a Difference (written by Matthew Emerzian and Kelly Bozza, published 2007 by Thomas Nelson). The idea was simple… what if we could get millions of people to engage in simple acts that were good for the world? Picking up litter, helping the homeless, smiling, planting a tree. And, in doing so, we would make the world a better place and also help people understand how much and why they matter.


The good news is that people liked the idea and the book grew into something much larger. EMM became a syndicated newspaper column in 200 news outlets, a school curriculum adopted by over 2,500 schools nationwide, an employee engagement program that touched over 60,000 employees in several top corporations, and a year-long partnership with weekly content featured on Oprah.com. But, most importantly, EMM became something that empowered and encouraged hundred-of-thousands, if not millions, to embrace how much they and others matter and how small positive actions, done on a weekly basis, can make a difference.


Today, EMM is a california-based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that believes that positive and significant change is possible in the world. People and organizations are seeking ways to matter, to feel good about what they do, and to make a difference. Through our corporate, education, and social media programs, emm makes it simple for employees, companies, students, schools, individuals, and communities to harness the power of understanding how much they matter to create extraordinary impact… one action, one monday at a time.


Every year we select twelve monthly themes. These are ideas we think our world could use a little improvement in – our health, the environment, being happier, etc. We then break down each month with weekly Monday activities that people can do to experience and connect with the monthly theme. It’s that simple.


If you didn’t know this before, we’re here to tell you, YOU MATTER. So please join us in this vision, our shared mission, and a personal journey to learn how you and those you know can get involved and really matter.


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