If someone approached you and said that there is something you can do as many times a day as you want and it will lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, work out your stomach muscles, improve your heart health, boost T cells, release endorphins, and improve your general sense of well-being, what would you say? Oh, and it is fun for you to do and actually positively impacts people around you as well. We would like to think that you would be on board in a heartbeat. So, this week, we want you to LAUGH FREELY. Laughter is a gift that all of us can give. It doesn’t cost a penny, we have a limitless supply of it, and its benefits are off the charts. Unfortunately, however, we don’t find ourselves laughing enough. We furrow our brows, keep it cool, and just take things a little too seriously at times. But, not this week. It’s time for a big dose of laughter. Watch a funny movie, tell a funny joke, or just stand in front of the mirror and laugh like no one is watching. We need a world filled with more laughter. Laughing matters.

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