There are two questions that we know you will be asked this month: (1) Have you started or finished your holiday shopping? (2) What did you put on your holiday wish list? Both of these questions completely support the notion that the holidays are all about things that are purchased in a store. But, are things that can be bought the only things we can give? Even more challenging to the whole gift-giving thing is… have you ever thought about putting gratitude and appreciation on your own holiday wish list? Hmmm. Now we’re getting somewhere. This week, is all about GIVING THANKS. See, being thankful and grateful is a state of mind that all of us should strive to maintain. It is healing, both for us and for those around us… and it is really just a choice. But it starts with us taking a moment to consider what, in fact, we are thankful for. Only you can answer that question for yourself. So, this week, take a moment to ponder it and then go give thanks to anyone and everyone that comes to mind. We have a feeling you will create quite a list of people. Giving thanks matters.

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