The “buddy system” was created as a means for two people to partner up in order to help and monitor one another. It is also used as an easy way to maintain headcounts on field trips or as a safety measure for increased protection and awareness. We think that all of that is great stuff for sure. However, we also think that having a buddy is also just a lot of fun. And, in the spirit of being joyful this month, this week, we want you to BUDDY UP with someone. Who is your BFF? Who is that person that you know will always be there for you? Who do you share laughs with… and even tears? Research shows that as we grow older, our number of friends decreases. Isn’t this kind of a sad thing to ponder? And, just to be clear, we are not counting your social media followers in the “buddy bucket.” Nope… we are talking about true buddies that you engage with on a much more personal level. Ask yourself… when is the last time you asked a friend to the movies? To go on a walk? To have coffee? Now ask yourself… who am I going to call right this second to change that? Buddying up matters.

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