In our technology-heavy times, one thing is for sure—we are all surrounded by “on” and “off” buttons. Just take a moment to consider how many things we turn on and off in any given day. We have our phones, cars, computers, televisions, radios, game consuls, notebooks, ovens, and lights, just to name a few. But there is one thing that doesn’t turn off so easily… our mind. Our mind doesn’t have a remote control or an automatic sleep mode. It is constantly on. But that doesn’t mean we can’t control our mind. So this week, we want you to RELAX YOUR MIND. Imagine, if you will, sitting quietly and breathing slowly and deeply for one minute. Now imagine taking a warm bath while listening to soothing music or taking a yoga class or meditating. Can you feel it? Even the act of imagining these scenarios already starts to relax our mind. But the mind can be stubborn and will do its very best to keep us focused on our holiday stressors, our to-do lists, and our bills we need to pay. But, this month, we will win the battle. We will get super present and, instead, focus on the things that bring us joy. We will imagine that happy place and truly see and feel ourselves being there. In our go-go-go lives, taking the time to slow our roll is more important than ever. Relaxing your mind matters.

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