We all love a good story. Maybe it is a favorite book or show on TV. Maybe it is a movie or just something your grandfather shared with you. Stories have a way of taking us away and quieting our mind. They also have a way of teaching us and bringing new understandings and awareness. But there are two key components to the process of stories being exchanged in a meaningful way. Firstly, the story must be told in a manner that grabs our attention and touches us deeply. After all, even the best stories can be forgotten if they are not delivered well. Secondly, a story needs to have an audience in order for it to be exchanged. Is a story told in the woods actually storytelling? You get the idea. Either way, we all play a role in stories, so this week, we want you to EMBRACE STORYTELLING. The next time you share a story, really go there. Be aware of the words you choose and how you deliver them. Take notice of your audience and listen or look for whatโ€™s grabbing their attention. Yes, being a good storyteller also includes listening. And, if you are listening to or watching or reading a good story, do it whole-heartedly as well. Be 100% present. Feel each scene, imagine being in the middle of it, and donโ€™t predict where it is going. Just sponge it up and enjoy. Embracing storytelling matters.

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