There is a good chance you have seen a “How am I driving?” sticker on the back of a big rig or service vehicle. Clearly you are being asked to provide feedback, but our hunch is that you haven’t dialed many of these numbers. And if you have, it probably wasn’t because you wanted to say something positive. Is this because we associate the concept of feedback with negativity? That feedback is only about sharing what someone is doing wrong or needs improvement on? And might this be the precise reason we don’t typically ask for feedback from people—for fear of hearing that we are inadequate or falling short? While this is a common way of thinking, we believe that feedback, when provided with kind honesty, can only be positive, and can actually be a tool to help us grow. So, this week we want you to FIND FEEDBACK. That’s right, make your own stickers that say, “How am I teaching?” or “How am I friending?” or even “How am I leading?” We need other people to help us see ourselves and to help us identify growth opportunities that we couldn’t see ourselves. Let’s use this week to get in the habit of welcoming feedback, seeing it as helpful, and being grateful for what we learn, because we know we can use it for our highest good. Finding feedback matters.

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