In 1963, Andy Williams created a new soundtrack for and gave a new reputation to the holidays as “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.” You might be singing his song in your head right now after simply reading the title of it. Yes, we agree that the holidays are wonderful, but we also love the idea of starting a whole new year. January certainly doesn’t mean the wonder has to end, if anything, let’s take it up a notch. Let’s make January the beginning of really feeling, seeing, and knowing the wonder that is around us. Wonder is a magical thing. It takes wonder to see the world around us and ask questions instead of reacting in fear or disappointment. It takes wonder to trust that there’s possibility in life, even when we don’t know exactly what the future looks like. This week, we want you to FEEL THE WONDER, and to be open to receiving new and good things. We’ll practice being delighted at what we find in life, no matter how unexpected or spectacular they are. We’ll commit to rejoicing in our relationships and trusting that things will work out, even when they don’t go our way. Most exciting of all, we’ll open our eyes to see and feel just how wonderful things are. Feeling the wonder matters.

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