“How many followers do you have?” This question has become such a statement of social status, popularity, and significance. If your answer doesn’t include at least five or six digits, or if your profile doesn’t have the official blue stamp of approval, you might not be someone worth following. In other words, you might not have much to say or offer. So in our pursuit of significance, we try to grow our following, yet we ignore our true relationships. Such a paradox. So, this week, we want you to CREATE YOUR POSSE. It’s time to go back to quality over quantity. Of course there is nothing wrong with having a lot of fans or followers, but our heart yearns for deep and meaningful connection. Some experts suggest we are lucky if we only have two meaningful relationships or friendships. Some say to focus on five. We can argue the number, but it is clear that even having single digit relationships is truly where we all need to focus. These relationships require love and trust. They ask us to be vulnerable and to share our deepest secrets. They keep us upright when we are down, and they celebrate the good. So get ready to go deep with just a few. To cultivate your inner circle and to be an active member of someone else’s. Creating your posse matters.

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