Winter makes us hibernate. We stay inside, bundled up, keeping our distance from the cold and dark days. But if we’re honest, there are other things that make us hibernate. They are our hurts, our broken hearts, and our fears. Our past experiences can keep us from wanting to reach out or step out. The problem with the cold weather and our personal scars is that they keep isolated from the world and all the goodness that’s out there. They keep us from reaching out and connecting with others, which only leaves us feeling alone and lonely. So this week, we want to challenge you to STEP OUT & OUTSIDE. In order to connect with others, we need to leave our homes and get together. We need to create and enjoy experiences together. At the same time, we must have the courage to step outside of ourselves. To willingly be vulnerable and transparent in order to fully commit to building relationships and community. So be proactive about your connections. Call a friend and ask them to meet up somewhere exciting. Throw a party for your block or friends just to make them smile. Strike up a conversation with someone you’re standing in line with. Whatever you do, get outside when you can, and definitely outside of yourself. Stepping out and outside matters.

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