It’s not shocking that being respected is one of our basic human needs. After all, who doesn’t want to know that people in their life deeply admire them for their abilities, feelings, qualities, or traditions? Knowing this feels good and helps us feel seen and honored for who we truly are. But it’s important to realize that if we want to be respected, we need to respect others in return. So, this week, we’re going to do the honorable thing and SHOW RESPECT. There are so many ways for us to show respect to someone… even for total strangers. Looking someone in the eyes and acknowledging their presence, holding a door open for someone, or waving at the friendly driver that let you merge into his or her lane all require minimal effort but mean so much. At the same time, we can invest even more into our relationships and show deeper levels of respect with our time, friendship, genuine care and concern, and the sharing of our appreciation for someone. However, sometimes showing respect can be challenging, because we might disagree with someone or see them as “different.” But even in these circumstances, we can’t let respect fall to the wayside. You are not disrespecting yourself by respecting someone you don’t like or see eye-to-eye on. Trust us. Showing respect matters.

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