How well do you know your community? Who do you know in your community? What are the strengths of your community and where can it grow to be more inclusive, more equitable, and fair? How can you engage with it in the best and most helpful way possible? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it might be time to get to know your community a little bit better. This week, we’re inviting you to KNOW THE NEED. Every community is unique—different people, different values, different architecture, different geography, and different life-styles. However, as much as our communities are distinct, they all have needs. Of course these needs might be different as well, but the point here is to acknowledge that these needs exist. This isn’t always easy for us to do, for we would rather focus on the tourism-guide version of our communities than look a little deeper to wrestle with where we are falling short. But we need to look deeper. We can’t just turn a blind eye, because it is all part of our community, not just the “good” stuff. So get ready to dig it. Do a little research, both online and in-person. Be curious and start asking questions instead of just making assumptions. This week, take your first step towards getting more engaged. Knowing the need matters.

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