At the root of everything relationship lays a core concept that absolutely must be present. We also find it as the basis for love. But it is an extremely vulnerable thing, because it can take years to develop, but can disappear in the blink of an eye. And once it is gone, it is really hard to get back. But the good news is that our natural instinct is to rely on it, and our hearts want to re-establish it, even when it hurts. This week, we want you to TRUST. Trust is not always easy. Maybe someone has hurt you before by breaking your trust. Or maybe something you did in the past broke the trust that someone else had in you. In either case, we know it doesn’t feel good. But we trust all the time. We trust every time we get in our cars. We trust every time we visit a restaurant and hand over our credit card. We also trust online and on social media with our personal information. In all of these cases, we don’t even have an established relationship, yet we still trust. But how trusting are you in your friendships or relationships? How trustworthy are you in other people’s eyes? Let’s lead with trust. Let’s be consistent in our character, mean what we say, keep our word, and always act in a trustworthy manner. And, if we have to, let’s also give second chances, when we can. Trust matters.

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