Interested in starting an EMM Service & Leadership Club for students in grades 6-12?
You’ve come to the right place.

Students have the power to be their schools’ and communities’ leaders, right now. And we’re here to help them. The EMM Service & Leadership Club program is designed to give 6-12th grade students and their advisors the resources they need to start and run their own student-driven Every Monday Matters Club. Start a unique club or add EMM’s Service & Leadership Club program to your existing club’s mission and activities.


You and your school matter.


Use the following resources to help you get started. Click on a title to view the pdf file. Print or save the file from there.


Club Starter Kit for Students & Advisors

First Meeting Outline

Second Meeting Outline

Pop-Up Do-Good Planner

Fundraising 101

Club Hours Tracker


Email us at with any questions and to learn more about how to get an EMM Service & Leadership Club started.

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