At Every Monday Matters (EMM), we believe that positive change starts with people. Us. You. Your people. We also believe that in order to make change possible, people need to know how much and why they matter. Because when they do, they feel, think, and contribute differently… and better.


We created the EMM Corporate Program to bring purpose, meaning, fun, and contribution to employees, companies, and communities. To most people, Monday is the most dreaded day of the week, but we think it is the best day to establish a culture of engagement and empowerment. Our programs are:

Synchronized: Creative solutions that align with your organization’s existing CSR and Wellness initiatives

Sustainable: Simple to engagement in through a wide variety of fun and meaningful activities year round

Symbiotic: Designed for both individual and group participation

Simple: Turnkey and easy to customize and implement and have on-going support


We design and provide co-branded digital assets that are distributed throughout your company to set the focus for each week. The assets are based on monthly themes, such as compassion, positivity, imagination, and respect. Every Monday is the opportunity to engage in a new weekly topic that activates your employees and supports the monthly theme.

We customize this program to maximize your current digital communication systems–email, intranet, Yammer, Chatter, Communities, or any other system you may use. We also create printable versions for posting in common areas on your campus.



Our programs are anchored in three key values:


I MATTER: “I feel good about myself and have a lot to offer.”

YOU MATTER: “I appreciate and positively impact those around me.”

WE MATTER: “Together, we can do amazing things.”

Our team-building experiences are the perfect solution for helping your employees learn and experience these key values. Each experience is customized to meet your needs and to give back to your community. Let us design and orchestrate a transformational team-building experience at your next off-site retreat, department or division employee gathering, or company-wide on your campus.

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Matthew Emerzian, the author and founder of Every Monday Matters, has traveled the country over the past 10 years to share his story in front of anywhere from 50 to 5,000 people. His keynotes are full of inspiration and are highly engaging for the audience.

Some of Matthew’s past clients include:  American National Bank, Carolinas Healthcare System, E&J Gallo Winery, Edwards LifeSciences, Genentech, H&R Block, HUB International, Google, InVision Communications, Jack in the Box, Ken Blanchard Companies, Kiehl’s, and Onyx Pharmaceutical.

With his brand new book releasing January 1, 2019, now is the perfect time to bring Matthew’s inspirational message and new book to your next event.

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Accessed by more than 4,000 educators and education staff members who represent more than 1.4 million students, the year-round, no-cost EMM K-12 Curriculum is a flexible yet powerful program for engaging today’s youth in topics and activities that build self- and social-responsibility, awareness, and engagement. Through hands-on Social and Emotional Learning activities, students in grades K-12 learn in real time how to be confident, empathetic, caring, and impactful in positive ways.

Learn more about our EMM K-12 Education Curriculum below.

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