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Get involved as an individual and/or take it to your school, company, or organization.
The choice is yours… we have the tools to help either way. You matter.


Learn More About Individuals ☟

Every Monday Matters Starts With You


Yes, YOU… the person reading this screen right now. We mean that in a pretty huge way. You matter.


Go ahead and say it: “I MATTER.” Because you do. There is only one YOU and you literally have the ability to change the world. Your words, your actions, your thoughts all have a ripple effect… even the smallest of ones. So, we want to engage you and harness what makes you amazing and talented to help us create a better world. We believe that a world filled with people who understand how much and why they matter would be a pretty awesome world to be a part of.


Here is how we do it. Every month we offer a theme that reflects a challenge for us for the month. Then, every week we suggest specific activities people can do to help connect with and achieve our monthly theme’s goal. It’s that simple.


Here is how you can join the fun:
1. Sign up for our newsletter.
2. Connect with us on social media.
3. Start taking action each week, starting on Monday.
4. Get your friends and family to join you.
5. Get your school, company, church, clubs, etc. to join in as well.


We want this to be “for the people, by the people,” so YOU matter in a big way. Help us spread the word, change lives, and make the world a better place… one Monday at a time.


We look forward to meeting you.
You matter.


Learn More About Schools ☟

We Believe that Students Matter


Students have the energy, the drive, the creativity, and the desire to do incredible things. We dig that.


Without oversimplifying it here in a website description, we also believe that some of the greatest challenges facing schools and students today – bullying, drug addiction, drop out rate, obesity, suicide, anger, etc. – are part of a larger systemic problem linked to students’ lack of understanding of how much and why they truly matter to themselves, their school, their family, their community, and the world. We don’t dig that.


Over the past five years, Every Monday Matters has impacted the lives of hundreds-of-thousands students across the country… in 42 states, to be exact. We have seen, firsthand, the impact our programs have on self-esteem, performance, attitude, character, campus culture, and community.


We would love to work with you and your students. Together, we can create a brighter future. You matter.




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Learn More About Companies ☟

Companies Matter. Employees Matter.


We love partnering with organizations of all types and sizes to help spread the “YOU MATTER” message. Here’s how we do it.


Employee Engagement/Corporate Culture:
We know that companies thrive when employees know how much they matter to one another, their customers, company, communities, and the world. In our fast-paced, performance-driven culture, sometimes creating and fostering a culture of purpose, generosity, significance, and “humanness” can get de-prioritized. Through our EMM Corporate Programs, we have helped companies, nationwide, to foster and grow their own “YOU MATTER” culture.


Please download our EMM Corporate Program brochure to learn more.




Seeking a way to partner with the EMM community? We have just the way! Become a MONTH or MONDAY sponsor. Every month we offer a new theme, such as: “Monday gets Healthy,” “Monday gets Green,” or “Monday gets Caring.” Every month’s theme is supported by weekly Monday activities. Monthly themes and weekly activities are communicated to our community through our corporate partners, schools, social media outlets, website, and member emails and newsletters. Have your brand “power” one of our Months or Mondays. You have the option to select your preferred themes and Mondays. Sponsorship opportunities can also be expanded with special outreach and co-marketing events as well.

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EMM’s mission is to reach millions of people through engaging and meaningful programs, starting with our Education Program. We know that in order to create a new normal and a better future, we have to get our youth on board. After all, they are our present and our future. To do so, we created the You Matter K-12 Education Program. This program is teaching our youth that they matter in over 3,000 schools nationwide. Oh… and it’s cost-free for schools and community youth organizations and their students.




Your support fuels our education engine and is critical to this program’s success and expansion. Click here to learn more or to donate.